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The Gettings of Campus


What to get right before been a graduate


The university is a soil of fierce competition, many are hit with the wave of surprise, the unexpected is crowded with lambs of celebrations. What then should be the prime intellectual and corporate acquisitions of the university.


  1. Have a cosmic vision of your scholarship: As an undergraduate you must be esteemed and be in close love with your course of study/career choice so as to reap the crude benefits there off. Many are shaded with the tears of Academic lament, regreat and soar pain because they were not offered courses of there choice, thus they end up in mediocrity and poor academic output leading to failure to catch up high ranking jobs or entrepreneurial openness of the wider society(marketplace).


  1. You must have a picture of your future partner, not necessarily dating or been in courtship, (Why must i get married, of what benefit should my future partner be of good to me). The alter of your relational, emotional and sexual -psycho must be addressed.


  1. You have to create right what you can do without/outside your degree/course of study: As an undergraduate been schooled in an academic discipline, you must be deliberately coined to be versatile in value creation, career/intellectual relevance, be a mindpreneur, have alternative and diversified streams of income.


  1. Have deliberate and concised plan of been less dependent from home(financially, constructive liflihood-parents not been a determinant of your libido). Most undergraduates often till final year seem to be stiffly glued to the financial smile of there parents, guardians and sponsors, there is the need to create your own cash flow, have the mind of a student-earner.


  1. Be networked: The university which serves as a training ground as turned to a toiling ground, many are preoccupied with restrictive learning and association, they are aligned to those within there department, career choice and Academic priorness, they see the disciplines and academic study of others as primitive, inferior and outdate, thus academic pride sets in. Have network of friends in major career fields, be sociable, friendly and hospital, don’t be too reserved, strict or over spiritual with your course of study.


  1. Build systems and structures: Most undergraduates are spoon-fed with the student psychology of limitive studentship, restricting one’s undergraduate studies to only events and activities that are strictly academic, you can attend seminars, symposiums, departmental inaugural lectures, oratory contest, debates, skill acquisition programs. All to build your intellectual and future prospects, most christian undergraduates mistake spirituality for zero secular attachment, failing to align to the dogma that “spirituality is exercised in secularity, don’t be too strict to learn, socialize but be goodly aligned to campus prospects and opportunities.


  1. Wash off the pride of your background: As undergraduates we believe that the solid voice, form and force of our parents will yield us high ranking jobs after school, we live and are caged by the hope networks, associations and connections of our parents and family names. Many have built there post campus hopes and achievements on the shoulders of the success stories of there family and background, to be a global force you must build your own bridge, world and heaven’s space, don’t rely on the patient success of your background.


  1. Package your scholarship: Many a time it is evident that the university have many lazy, unproductive, idle, unthouthful students, all by mechanics of how we been schooled. The university spoon feed to study the prudent, angelic, mind-blowing works of dead scholars and intellectuals, when they are not referenced or acknowledged in our academic work, we tend to labelled or praised with low grades. As an undergraduate think off the box, be a craft of your course, be inventory, innovative, so someday you will be an object of corporate intellectual study.


  1. Academics and kingdom defence: As Christian undergraduates we are schooled to attain sound and braizing academic output so as to have fat paying jobs and be hosted in elephantanous houses, be guided by a crowd of modern toy carriers(cars) but we have failed to ponder on how our academics, course of study and discipline will create kingdom and societal impact, how will the lord drink of the juice of your stay in the university, how can your course promote and propel kingdom matter and interest.


  1. Build reward systems: The university is trading to be an escape to some who should be mothered with home chores, many left the comfort of there homes because of its burdensome and straining call of servanthood. They want a soft stay and landing in the university, many are using the university as a coverage for skipping the piles of tutelage home would have offered, what will you have been doing now if not been an undergraduate?.

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